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Sunday, July 02, 2017

For dinner this evening, Caroline, Grammy and returned to Buttersburg

For dinner this evening, Caroline, Grammy and returned to Buttersburg. It was too fun. 

It is great to be alive in the year 2017. Jim Rowe had posted on my Facebook page that he had baked a cherry custard pie. I had planned to stay in the office and work through dinner with a sandwich. However, with the information that a cherry custard pie was available, Caroline weighed-in, the presses stopped and all plans were changed. 

Jim Rowe greeted us at the door, and seated us in the back. We had a great dinner. Caroline ordered salmon cakes, Grammy got the soft shell crab again and I went for the meatloaf. Meatloaf is a specialty dish for both Caroline and me, so we know meatloaf – and it was the best. 

Our server was Tessa Howard – the best. 

For dessert, Caroline and Grammy had the cherry custard pie and I had the carrot cake. It was to die for. 

Frank Tunzi came out from the kitchen to say hi, and to remind us that he made the flowers for our wedding. He even remembered all the details. (I know flowers – it was my business for 25-years.) 

And for a bonus, we got to see Stephen Howard, who was helping-out in the kitchen of whom, I was just reminded, is Larry L Brumfield's son. It is a small world. It's great to live in Carroll County. Love, love, love Buttersburg Inn. July 1, 2017 Sat.

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