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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Epicuros - Metropolis 2.1 (PsyChill, Space Synth, Trance) #amwriting


Published on May 7, 2014
“Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.” ― Carl Sagan

Going up? 

The inspiration to do this mix got pretty much initiated when I was thinking about the progress over the technological revolution what humanity has witnessed over the last few millenia. The outstanding effort to evolve as species through knowledge is what gives a promising framework of potentiality for mankinds future. 

But not without setbacks and heavy burdens when it comes to these dramatic changes in the climate that we've boosted and set in motion, and thus becoming the biggest challenge we must overcome. It's a long, bumpy road, We must take to succeed!

This mix was also very much build and motivated with the visionary images from the futuristic skyscraper city landscapes and then continued even further to the space exploration and thus the overall idea of humanity's potential trough science and technology as - a new hope to thrive!

Starting from a bit melancholic atmosphere in a rainy midnight neon city lights and building it to a new dawn filled with uplifting excitement and emerging new hope with awareness that not even the sky's the limit for human race.

01. Field Rotation - Regenzeit 2
02. Marco Torrance - Uberhuman Floating [06:45]
03. Carbon Based Lifeforms - MOS 6581 [10:35]
04. Cj Rcm - Surrealism [17:03]
05. Cj Rcm - Soul Files [22:15]
06. Electric Universe - Journey Into Outer Space [26:35]
07. Hablift - Enigmatic [29:57]
08. AmBeam - Abstraction 2010 [33:06]
09. Scann-Tec - Amy Returns [38:51]
10. Electric Universe - Heart On The Line [45:00]
11. Mungusid - Escape [52:45]
12. Lab's Cloud - In A Digital World [57:40
13. Aes Dana - Digitalys [01:01:45]
14. Cabeiri - Voices [01:06:17]
15. Aes Dana - Opalin [01:10:18]
16. Alwoods - Psychedelic Dream [01:12:15]
17. Suduaya - Unity [01:20:23]
18. Bryan El - Supernova [01:24:30]

Inspirations and other material:
- Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth (
- The landing to the Moon documentaries
- 24 Hour European Flight Traffic Visualization (
- Tokyo Sunset Timelapses
- Ridley Scotts Promethesu (
- Images from & Pinterest (ask me if any of them are in interest and I'll search them for you)

All audio-visual mixtape compilations has been built, mixed and edited with Sony Vegas, Native Instruments Traktor, Fraps, Gimps 2 and PSP. I don't take any credits for the artwork and tracks involved. All used clips, tracks and pictures are courtesy of their rightful owners. If you are the owner of any of this content and want it removed, contact me directly. No infringement of copyright is intended. For promotional use only.

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