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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Here are the winners of the 2014 US Military Photographer Awards Business Insider Australia… by JEREMY BENDER

“A panel of judges in Fort Meade, Maryland have made their selections for the 2014 Military Photographer awards.

“The judges have handed out awards to military photographers for their amazing work in ten different categories including Sports, Pictorial, and Combat Documentation (Operational). The judges have also named the overall best military photographer for 2014…”

This is an awesome set of photographs…

In photograph # 17, “A US Marine assigned to Echo Company 4th Reconnaissance Battalion rappels out of a CH-46E Sea Knight helicopter at Camp Upshur, Marine...”

Take a good look at this photograph. I trained, in part, at Camp Upshur in the summer of 1972. If you will notice how graceful the Marine jumps out of the helicopter. This Marine makes it look so easy – so polished – so graceful. A ballet in the air with a helicopter. It is beautiful. That, my friends, is not how I did it.

In the real world, the helicopter is so loud. The air rushes about so violently. If my memory serves me, in my case the helicopter was a Boeing CH-47 Chinook and-or a CH-46E Sea Knight – see picture #16...

At night it was easy to lose track of what was up and what was down - and just where is the ground anyway? You pray you find the landing zone before it finds you – with a very hard thud. I usually flailed-out of the aircraft and fell on my head. Over and over again.

Go here for all the pictures…. I also did number 7: I have no idea why I did not drown. I remember #6… I still do not like wind to this day.

Picture #10 is pretty powerful. And see if you can look at picture #14 and not get a tear in your eye.

Photograph #21 made me think of my grandfather, William Earl Wright, who served as a farrier in the cavalry during World War 1. (My dad served in the Navy during World War II – in the Pacific Theater …)

Photograph #24, ‘'The Army Chaplain' is pretty poignant.

All of the pictures are great. Please enjoy…

The Eagle, Globe, and Anchor – Semper Fidelis.

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