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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

At TAG/The Artists Gallery in October: Charles Bowers, "Faces of Cuba" and Joan Tarbell Plato, "Bird Habitats"

At TAG/The Artists Gallery in October: Charles Bowers, "Faces of Cuba" and Joan Tarbell Plato, "Bird Habitats"
Upcoming Exhibit at The Artists Gallery
October 31 - November 30

Charles Bowers

Joan Tarbell Plato

November 1, 5 - 9 pm

CHARLES BOWERS will have a show at TAG/The Artists Gallery entitled “Faces of Cuba: An Photographic Exhibition.”  To celebrate the exhibition’s opening on Sat., Nov. 1, there will be music by solo guitarist and instrumentalist Kevin Burnes and refreshments by Sabor de Cuba. The gallery will open additional hours in November on Saturday evenings from 6-9 pm.
Curiosity is what drew Bowers to Cuba. “I wanted to know what life is like for the Cuban people, after over a half century of Communism,” he says.  
“The faces of the Cuban people told their story. The streets were alive with people scurrying to and from work, talking to friends on street corners and park benches. Life appeared normal. I saw, in their faces, warm smiles and their true joy of existence.”

JOAN TARBELL PLATO Also in November, painter Joan Tarbell Plato will show “Bird Habitats: Imagination Taking Flight.”  These works were inspired by birds and the natural world.  Plato paints intricate landscapes where birds wade and fly through green thickets, appearing camouflaged. One painting depicts a blackbird at rest but carefully alert, while others show a heron walking through a thicket and a small bird in a late afternoon wind.
Plato’s work lets the viewer experience nature’s space. The birds themselves often occupy only a small part of the work.
“The beauty of the natural world inspires me, Plato explains. “I respond to its ebb and flow.  In this series I began by applying loose ink to Yupo paper, painting and imprinting as I danced above it.  I studied the negative areas and values and let the patterns and shapes speak to me as I add layers of acrylic paint and sometimes birds, trees or flowers.”

216 N. Market St., Frederick, MD  21701

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, noon - 5 pm, or by appointment 
Additional hours in November from 6-9 on Saturday evenings
Please call (301) 696-8187 during gallery hours.

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TAG/The Artists Gallery is an artist-owned gallery established in 1990 and features monthly solo exhibitions by members, as well as ongoing group exhibitions. A rich variety of subjects and mediums is always on view, ranging from realistic to abstract, and traditional to experimental mixed media creations. Please drop in and discover the wealth of talent right here in Frederick!


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