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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Theologian Marcus Borg, Religion from Fiction, and More

Theologian Marcus Borg, Religion from Fiction, and More

June 13, 2014 InterFaith Voices:

By the time Marcus Borg turned 12, a particular
understanding of what it meant to be Christian had formed in his mind. It went
something like this: Jesus died to pay for our sins, so that we can be forgiven
and go to Heaven--but only if we really believe in him. Now 72, he no longer
thinks of Christianity as focused on belief, or thinks of Jesus as a kind of
surrogate debt-payer. Today he says the heart of faith is transformation--of
ourselves, and of the world.

Marcus Borg, author of Convictions: How I Learned What
Matters Most


June 13, 2014 InterFaith Voices:

Marcus Borg's 'Conversion,' When Invented Religions Become
Real, and More

A revered theologian spent part of his life doubting God.
Now 72, Marcus Borg recalls how his youthful convictions fell away and he
'learned what matters most.'

Interfaith Voices:

In mid-September 2001, just three days after 9-11, Maureen
Fiedler rounded up a multi-faith panel to reflect on the terrorist attacks on
the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. It was a live call-in show, and the
phones rang off the hook for three hours. It became clear that public radio
listeners were hungry for informed, respectful dialogue on religion in the
public square. The idea for Interfaith Voices was born that evening.

Interfaith Voices produced its first hour-long show in March, 2002.  Initially airing on a
single station in Roanoke, VA, Interfaith Voices is now heard on more than 70
stations around the country and has received many awards for its religion news

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