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Monday, October 28, 2013

Lutheran Church Men of Westminster Conference fall dinner meeting at St Luke's

Pastor: Rev. Anne C. Durboraw

Worship Services: 8:30am and 11:00am

Phone: 410.635.6177

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Lutheran Church Men of Westminster Conference fall dinner meeting at St Luke's

701 Green Valley Rd, New Windsor, MD 21776


I do not recall visiting the St. Luke's Winters Lutheran Church before. I have heard great things about the church and I was excited to take advantage of opportunity to go to the fall dinner meeting of the Lutheran church men of the Westminster Conference. Especially since my pastor at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church at 21 Carroll Street in Westminster is the new Dean of the Westminster Conference...

I did a little research on the church and found that it has a nice - informative website... Hopefully I can write an article on the church in the future for the Baltimore Sun Carroll Eagle:

St. Luke's (Winters) Lutheran Church

701 Green Valley Road (Route 75), New Windsor, Maryland 21776

Pastor: Rev. Anne C. Durboraw

Worship Services: 8:30am and 11:00am Phone: 410.635.6177

Organization of St. Luke's (Winters) Lutheran Church

Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions (18th & 19th Century)

According to a church history, written by Betty Munshaur, the church’s historian emeritus, which appears on the church website

St. Luke's (Winter's) Lutheran Church is the fifth oldest surviving Lutheran Church in what is now Carroll County, Maryland.

Antiquated books at Gettysburg Lutheran Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania state that our church was organized as the Evangelical Lutheran (Winter's) Church in 1783. Our first evidence of the name of St. Luke's (Winters) Lutheran Church was in the Articles of Incorporation of March 30, 1856.

It is believed that some of our earliest settlers in Carroll County, New Windsor (Frederick County until 1837) worshipped in homes and groves long before St. Luke's (Winter's) Lutheran Church was organized.

It has been recorded that as early as 1766 George Francis Winter, who was one of the earliest settlers near the town of New Windsor, received an application from German colonists in Pennsylvania for land for the erection of a prospective Lutheran church, and for land for farming purposes. It has been stated by historians that a log church was erected in 1772.

However, the church was not organized until 1783, eleven years later, apparently under the direction of The Rev. Johann Daniel Schroeter. This organization was documented in our old record book at the Gettysburg Seminary. The old register dated 1783-1884 is still intact, and is kept at the Seminary because of its antiquity.

On March 30, 1856, our church was incorporated under the name of St. Luke's (Winter's) Lutheran Church. Most of the first members (communicants) of our church were German immigrants.

The old register at Gettysburg is in old German, as well as some of our old tombstones in the cemetery. Both the German Reformed and Lutherans used our church at one time. We were probably served by the same itinerant preachers as the Taneytown charge, and we were once part of the Westminster charge.

In 1870, we were part of the Uniontown Parish. This union lasted until 1979 (109 years). In 1979, we decided to take on the responsibilities of our own full-time pastor.

Our present church was built in 1875, and has been remodeled several times. The parish hall was added in 1958.

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