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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Joseph Beuys Biography

Joseph Beuys Biography:

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  • { J o s e p h B e u y s B i o g . | M i n i B i o g . | G a l l e r y }

    Joseph Beuysb. 1921, Krefeld, Germany; d. 1986, Düsseldorf

    Joseph Beuys was born May 12, 1921, in Krefeld, Germany

    During his school years in Kleve, Beuys was exposed to the work of Achilles Moortgat, whose studio he often visited, and was inspired by the sculptures of Wilhelm Lehmbruck. Beuys began to study medicine in 1940, but his studies were interrupted when he joined the army and served as a fighter pilot. 

    During a mission in 1943, he was badly injured when his plane crashed in a desolate region of south Russia. This experience would resonate in all of his later work...

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