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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Beatles in the Philippines - Live in Manila Concert (1966)

The Morton report: This Day in Music, July 4 1966: The Beatles Need Help!

In the 30 days of June, the four members of The Beatles had spent nine days at Abbey Road studios recording new songs, played five concerts, attended a nightclub opening, recorded radio interviews, rehearsed new songs at George Harrison’s house, released a new single “Paperback Writer”, made their last ever ‘live’ TV appearance, and spent a few days at 32,000 feet flying between the UK, Germany, and Japan.

June of 1966 had been like any other month for the most famous group in the world - busy...

However, the following day, the news of The Beatles’ alleged ‘no show’ was broadcast on Philippine television and radio presented by the Marcos-dominated media as a deliberate snub. When Brian Epstein tried to make a televised statement his comments were disrupted by static.

Their police protection having suddenly disappeared, the group and their small entourage had to make their way to the Manila airport on their own....

The Morton report: This Day in Music, July 4, 1966: The Beatles Need Help!

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