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Monday, May 30, 2011

Coffee Talk on Westminster Patch by Sherri Hosfeld Joseph


Coffee Talk, a blog about finding solace and self in a little coffee shop on Main Street Westminster MD

Find Coffee Talk, a blog about, well – wondiferous coffee, great food, - - and socks and shoes; by Sherri Hosfeld Joseph, at Westminster Patch here:

Birdie's Café phone number: 410-848.7931

Location: 233 East Main Street, Westminster, MD 21157

Sherri Hosfeld Joseph at Birdie’s

The coffee is marvelous.
The staff is wonderful.
The atmosphere is fabulous.
The owner is adorable.
The socks are intriguing.
But it’s all about the shoes.
Do not overlook the shoes.
We wanna hear about the shoes.

[KED 20110304 Birdies 9bsm50] [20110526 Coffee Talk on Patch by Sherri Hosfeld Joseph]

The new Patch Blog about a girl, some coffee and characters that pass through the world’s best coffee shop…


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