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Saturday, April 07, 2018

At Birdie’s in Westminster

At Birdie's in Westminster, enjoying a great cup of coffee, some me-time, and the current art exhibition, "Three Words," by Gerard Lonesome and Eleanor Tatreaux.
It is really a fun show. Do not miss it.

"THREE WORDS:" Works by Gerard Lonesome and Eleanor Tatreaux

"Gerard and Eleanore are twins from the planet Zebulon. Their art was delivered to us by courier pigeon several months ago. In their letter to us they stated that they telephonically thought of three words to create each one of their works, thus the show name, 'Three Words.'"

"They will travel to earth in light years to collect the money made from sales of this show in order to fund the takeover of planet Earth. Until such time, however, they will allow the Earthlings to use the profits from this show to fund the first ever Pride Festival in Westminster, Maryland.

"Gerard was educated at the finest art institute on Zebulon and Eleanore is a self-taught savant.

"Enjoy the show, it maybe your last, Earthling."

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