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Thursday, June 29, 2006

20060628 KDDC Two alarm fire at Westminster auto dealership

Pictures (c) Kevin Dayhoff and Westminster Fire Department

Two alarm fire at Westminster auto dealership

Wednesday evening, June 28th, 2006

Len Stoler Auto Dealership, 343 Baltimore Boulevard (corner of Center Street and Rte. 140) (Box 0301) in Westminster.

For additional information contact:

Incident Commander: Westminster Fire Department Lieutenant

Bill Brehm; or Public Information Officer: Westminster Firefighter Kevin Utz at the Westminster Fire Department


Westminster, MD - Over 70 firefighters and public safety personnel responded Wednesday evening to a two alarm fire at the Len Stoler automobile dealership at 343 Baltimore Boulevard in Westminster.

According to Westminster Fire Department (WFD) public information officer (PIO),) Kevin Utz, the first call went out at 8:51 PM. Within a minute of Westminster Fire Department engine 32 arriving on the scene at 8:56 PM, Westminster Fire Department Lieutenant Bill Brehm, the incident commander, called in a second alarm.

Among the seventy public safety personnel who responded, twenty-five firefighters from Westminster responded to what was initially dispatched as a truck fire in the building. When firefighters arrived, they found a working vehicle fire in the auto dealership’s shop in a rear building.

Several teams of firefighters were necessary to fight the fire from the inside of the building, the back of the building, from the roof and the showroom approach. One team was assigned to maintain water supply. Additionally, safety, EMS and rehabilitation personnel were required.

Except for a minor case of heat exhaustion and a few scrapes, no firefighters were seriously injured. One person was treated on the scene for unknown injuries, immediately upon the arrival of the first responders to the incident. It was not known as to whether the person injured on the scene, was an employee of auto dealership.

As the evening wore on, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, police officers from thirteen agencies responded. Seven fire companies, including Westminster - Engines 32 and 33, Tower 3, Utility 3, Special Unity 3, Medic Units 39 and 37, and Brush 35; Pleasant Valley – Engines 61 and 63, Squad 6; Reese – Engines 91, 92 and 95, Medic 99, and Rescue 9, New Windsor – Engine 102 and Rescue Engine 101, Lineboro Air Unit 7; Mount Airy Duty 1 (Incident Safety Officer,) and Hampstead Truck 2; all sent a total of twenty-one fire fighting apparatuses to the fire.

Also responding was Maryland State Police, Carroll County Sheriff’s Deputies and Westminster Police Department officers. Traffic at on Center Street was closed off until midnight, although traffic on Rte. 140 was not affected.

The WFD “Canteen Unit” provided bottled water and Gatorade to help relieve firefighters throughout the warm and humid evening.

Baltimore Gas and Electric, the Maryland Department of the Environment Hazmat Response Team and the Maryland State Fire Marshall’s Office also were on location.

According WFD Lt. Brehm, “the incident is under investigation by the Maryland State Fire Marshall’s office.” The fire was under control within twenty minutes, said, Lt. Brehm. However, firefighters remained on the scene until midnight looking for extensions of the fire, smoke removal, safety review and clean-up – or what Lt. Brehm referred to as “extensive overhaul.”

About seventy-five bystanders gathered on the parking lot of the Seven-Eleven as the evening progressed.

Neither WFD Lt. Brehm or PIO Utz were able to place a figure on the amount of the property damage.

Soon after the fire erupted, employees and officials from the Len Stoler organization convened on the scene. Barry Stoler, vice-president of Len Stoler, was quick to praise the Carroll County firefighters who fought the blaze. “The fact is, that the fire departments were so attentive and responsive,” is why the fire was not worse than it was, remarked Mr. Stoler. “It is an old building... built in 1959. They saved the building. Their efforts made the difference.”

Mr. Stoler said that there was “no way to calculate the amount of the damage at this point in time,” as he was interviewed towards the end of the evening.

The Len Stoler organization purchased the dealership in 1997 said Dave Leibowitz, the Chief Financial Officer for the company. Operations manager Denver Huffman said that the dealership employs 65 at the Westminster auto facility.

Mr. Stoler remarked that (as a result of the quick actions by the firefighters) he “expected a minimum disruption to our operation” and “we’ll be open at 7 AM the next morning. Clean up crews and estimators will be on the site at 5 AM,” to get the business re-opened.

Mr. Stoler was also quick to praise his Carroll County employees as even he was “impressed by the number of employees from this dealership and others who arrived to help.” As a result, they were able to have a company meeting in the parking lot and arrive at working plan to address the results of the fire, beginning the very next morning.

As the firefighters were packing up fire hoses and equipment, Mr. Stoler was overheard to say that the response, efficiency and caring attitude of Carroll Countians is why his company has looked forward to expanding the dealership and bringing more business to Carroll County.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

20060628 KDDC Bring Back the Sun

"Bring Back the Sun"
(c) Kevin Dayhoff
June 28th, 2006

20060628 KDDC Isrealis Move on Gaza to Rescue Soldier

I pulled thia picture off CNN this morning. The caption reads: "Masked Hamas militants demonstrate Tuesday in support of the Hamas-led government in the West Bank city of Nablus."

Check out the background in the picture. It seemed a little sureal.

Israeli forces attack power station, bridges in Gaza

"Israeli troops and armored vehicles crossed into southern Gaza in what the Israeli military says is an attempt to rescue a soldier kidnapped by Palestinian militants. Israeli warplanes bombed bridges and a power station. Also, a militant group believed to be involved in the soldier's kidnapping, displayed the ID card of a Jewish settler the group says it kidnapped in the West Bank."

To read the rest of the story click "Militants threaten Israelis amid raids" Wednesday, June 28, 2006; Posted: 8:19 a.m. EDT (12:19 GMT). "JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Palestinian militants involved in the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier in southern Israel said on Wednesday they had also abducted a Jewish settler in the West Bank."

I'll bet the Isrealis sure are glad that the New York Times was not aware of their troop maneuvers and plans.


20060628 KDDC KAL show at the Walters

Mightier than the Sword
June 28th, 2006
I've always enjoyed the art of KAL (Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher.) He began his 17 year tenure as a political cartoonist at the Baltimore Sun on Dec. 7, 1988, and his last cartoon appeared in the paper on Jan. 15, 2006.

The Walters Art Museum has a show of over 200 of his cartoons beginning on June 18, 2006. The show continues until September 3, 2006. The exhibition hours are 10 AM to 5 PM, Wednesday through Sunday.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to seeing the show with Grammy, my wife Caroline and the Westminster Woman's Club and I can't wait.

The web site for the Walters says:
"World-renowned political cartoonist Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher has entertained and oftentimes enraged readers of the Baltimore Sun and The Economist for decades. This summer KAL brings his satirical drawings to the Walters Art Museum with the special exhibition, Mightier than the Sword: The Satirical Pen of KAL. Cartoons focusing on local, national, and international politics will be on view along with sculpture, animation, and an interactive gallery for kids. Mightier than the Sword now on view!"
Read more of the Walters Art Museum introduction to the show here.

The Baltimore City Paper
has an article, by John Barry, about the show here. It is titled: "Powers of Pen" - "Political Cartoonist Kevin "KAL" Kallaugher Pushes His 19th Century Medium Into the 21st"

The introductory paragraph of the article reads:
"For someone who’s just lost his day job, editorial cartoonist Kevin Kallaugher—better known simply as KAL—isn’t doing at all badly. Snappily dressed in a cherry-red vest, the avuncular ex-Sun cartoonist is cheerfully shepherding reporters and admirers through a preview of Mightier Than the Sword: The Satirical Pen of KAL, his lifetime retrospective at the Walters Art Museum. Youthful at 51, white-haired, and with a thick mustache, he flourishes in the spotlight. He also has the sparkle in his eyes of someone who might be sizing you up—or at least deciding how big your ears are—while shaking your hand. And after his 17 years as a prize-winning cartoonist at The Sun, he’s got a lot of admirers."
Read the rest of the Baltimore City Paper article here.

To give you an idea of what his work is like, I have pasted an image of one of KAL's cartoons is above. I assume that the image belongs to KAL. I got the image from the Walter's web site here.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

20060628 KDDC Put a blogger on Howard County Central Committee

Vote for Keelan?

June 28, 2006

"Well rumor has it that David Keelan ... might become a candidate for the Howard County Republican Central Committee."

Go here and leave a comment to encourage David Keelan, the "Howard County Blog"-ger to run for Howard County Central Committee.

For more info, go here.


20060627 KDDC Bill Keller attempts to defend the indefensible

Bill Keller attempts to defend the indefensible

June 27th, 2006

Letter From Bill Keller on The Times's Banking Records Report

Published: June 25, 2006

"The following is a letter Bill Keller, the executive editor of The Times, has sent to readers who have written to him about The Times's publication of information about the government's examination of international banking records:

"I don't always have time to answer my mail as fully as etiquette demands, but our story about the government's surveillance of international banking records has generated some questions and concerns that I take very seriously. As the editor responsible for the difficult decision to publish that story, I'd like to offer a personal response."

Read the rest here.


20060627 KDDC Tentacle Column: The Running Mate Decision

My latest Tentacle column is up:"The Running Mate Decision." If I can find a spare moment, I'll post the long, unedited version on

And oh, folks have asked for the address of the "ad" "screensaver," called "Re-Elect Bob Ehrlich Open the Door to another 4 years." It can can found at:

I'll re-post the picture above. If you would like a high-resolution image for your screensaver, e-mail me at and be sure to include "KDDC" in the subject line.

Keep in mind that the search engine at the very top of the page in the silver bar works fairly well. For example, my "Ehrlich" entries search will list 18 posts...


Monday, June 26, 2006

20060626 KDDC Bob Evans No. 2

"20060624 Bob Evans No. 2"
June 24th, 2006
(c) Kevin Dayhoff

20060626 KDDC Ann Coulter is a Closet Feminazi

Ann Coulter is a Closet Feminazi

June 26th, 2006

Many are aware of Ann Coulter's new book, "Godless."

Thanks to Wonkette, I found the following on a blog called, "On My Home Planet."

I like Ms. Coulter's work. Yeah, her style can be a little diferent from mine, but I do enjoy how she works up the liberals into a lather.

As far as the post below, One word - Ouch!

I've pasted the entire post below"

Now, I am a conservative/rightwing type, but I don't think "Ms" Ann Coulter is the same.

Sure, a lot of what she has to say is very profound and something that people should really think about.

1) In her trashing of 9-11 widows, she used the
same "minimize the tradgedy of being widowed or divorced" bullshit argument that many anti-relationship liberal types do: "How do we know their husbands weren't planning to divorce them anyway?". Um, nice going, you sound like all the single, bitter, promiscuous, can't-stand-to-see-anyone-else-in-or-wanting-t0-be-in-a-happy-marriage liberals who annoy the crap out of me. Are you maybe jealous that despite being skinny and blonde, you can't seem to find a husband yourself?

2) She refers to herself as "Ms" despite her arguments that
"Ms" is a liberal construct. Conservative and proud, yet never married? Put your money where your mouth is lady, your title is Miss.

3) If she's so pro-family, pro-child, pro-life (an admirable position of course) why doesn't she live according to those principles, instead of modeling after the prototypical careerist feminazi? According to all the happily married people and many of the ultraconservatives I know, finding a loving spouse is a peice of cake. Esp if you're skinny and blonde.

Honestly, though, say shit like that about bereaved women and children, and you have effectively nullified any and all credibility the other points on your platform have.

Makes me wonder if she's a double agent for the liberals, a plant to make conservatives look heartless and crazy.
TooMuchCoffeeLady told you how it is @ 12:19 PM


20060626 KDDC A letter to the New York Times from an American soldier

A letter to the New York Times from an American soldier in Iraq
Posted June 26th, 2006

The focus of my Tentacle column this Wednesday will be on the article which appeared in the New York Times last Friday which exposed yet another national security, anti-terrorism initiative.

If you will recall my post the other day:

"The New York Times, the favorite daily newspaper of al Qaeda, and quite possibly a satellite version of Aljazeera, has once again chosen to sell out our country’s national security interests in the furtherance of selling newspapers and supporting the media war on the war in Iraq."

"In an article published last Friday, titled, “Bank Data Sifted in Secret by U.S. to Block Terror,” written by Eric Lichtblau and James Risen, the Old Grey Lady acts out on senile dementia and details a top secret classified program in which bank transactions which may involve the transfer of funds for the purpose of promoting or supporting terrorist acts, are tracked and investigated."

Apparently the ourtage over the New York Times revealing yet another national security initiative is growing and many web sites are competing to see who can post the most expressions of disgust.

However, Powerline posted one I found quite compelling:

June 26, 2006

Lt. Tom Cotton writes this morning from Baghdad with a word for the New York Times:

Dear Messrs. Keller, Lichtblau & Risen:

Congratulations on disclosing our government's highly classified anti-terrorist-financing program (June 23). I apologize for not writing sooner. But I am a lieutenant in the United States Army and I spent the last four days patrolling one of the more dangerous areas in Iraq. (Alas, operational security and common sense prevent me from even revealing this unclassified location in a private medium like email.)

Unfortunately, as I supervised my soldiers late one night, I heard a booming explosion several miles away. I learned a few hours later that a powerful roadside bomb killed one soldier and severely injured another from my 130-man company. I deeply hope that we can find and kill or capture the terrorists responsible for that bomb. But, of course, these terrorists do not spring from the soil like Plato's guardians. No, they require financing to obtain mortars and artillery shells, priming explosives, wiring and circuitry, not to mention for training and payments to locals willing to emplace bombs in exchange for a few months' salary. As your story states, the program was legal, briefed to Congress, supported in the government and financial industry, and very successful.

Not anymore. You may think you have done a public service, but you have gravely endangered the lives of my soldiers and all other soldiers and innocent Iraqis here. Next time I hear that familiar explosion -- or next time I feel it -- I will wonder whether we could have stopped that bomb had you not instructed terrorists how to evade our financial surveillance.

And, by the way, having graduated from Harvard Law and practiced with a federal appellate judge and two Washington law firms before becoming an infantry officer, I am well-versed in the espionage laws relevant to this story and others -- laws you have plainly violated. I hope that my colleagues at the Department of Justice match the courage of my soldiers here and prosecute you and your newspaper to the fullest extent of the law. By the time we return home, maybe you will be in your rightful place: not at the Pulitzer announcements, but behind bars.

Very truly yours,

Tom Cotton
Baghdad, Iraq
Posted by Scott at 06:54 AM


20060625 KDDC Gazette Columnist Blair Lee disagrees about Smith firing

Gazette Columnist Blair Lee disagrees about Smith firing

By Kevin Dayhoff June 26th, 2006

On Sunday, June 11, Robert J. Smith referred to homosexuality as ‘‘social deviancy” during a political round-table discussion on a Montgomery County Channel 21 cable show.

Mr. Smith, an architect from Gaithersburg has been a regular panelist for 12 years on the Access Montgomery cable show, “21 This Week.” The show’s producer, Rodney Bryant, identified him as the “Republican activist” representative on the program.

Mr. Smith was also Governor Ehrlich’s appointment as a board member on the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

I supported MD Governor Robert L. Ehrlich’s firing of Robert J. Smith, June 15th, 2006, for his impertinent remarks.

Between my post on this blog, on June 18th, 2006 [“20060618 KDDC Mary Cheney Robert Smith and DC Metro Trains”] and my June 21st, 2006 Tentacle column, [“Mr. Smith: Back to Gaithersburg”]; I have received feedback, for the most part, that I am wrong for backing the governor.

I respect other points of view, and many folks have made good, thoughtful and articulate arguments that I am wrong; however, I stand by my assessment of the matter.

Nevertheless, if you would like to read another, well informed point of view that also disagrees with me, be sure to read Gazette columnist, Blair Lee’s piece published June 23rd, 2006: “Culture wars come to Metro.”

Kevin Dayhoff writes from Westminster Maryland USA.

E-mail him at:


20060625 KDDC Bob Evans No. 3

"20060624 Bob Evans No. 3"
June 24th, 2006
(c) Kevin Dayhoff

20060625 KDDC Can you identify this Carroll County family

Can you identify this Carroll County family?

This picture is from a December 1967 family Christmas card. Can you identify the Carroll County family in the picture?
Kevin Dayhoff e-mail address:

20060624 KDDC The NYTimes exposes a top secret antiterrorism program

Once again, the New York Times exposes another top secret anti-terrorism plan put in place to protect Americans.
June 24th, 2006
By Kevin Dayhoff
The New York Times, the favorite daily newspaper of al Qaeda, and quite possibly a satellite version of Aljazeera, has once again chosen to sell out our country’s national security interests in the furtherance of selling newspapers and supporting the media war on the war in Iraq.
In an article published last Friday, titled, “Bank Data Sifted in Secret by U.S. to Block Terror,” written by Eric Lichtblau and James Risen, the Old Grey Lady acts out on senile dementia and details a top secret classified program in which bank transactions which may involve the transfer of funds for the purpose of promoting or supporting terrorist acts, are tracked and investigated.
The operative word here is that the article “details” the top secret program, not merely reveals that it exists.
Bear in mind, this is our government investigating the money trail of funds that are suspected of being destined to be possibly used to conduct terrorist acts against Americans.
The Los Angeles Times ran a concurrent story the same day: “Secret U.S. Program Tracks Global Bank Transfers,” “The Treasury Dept. program, begun after the Sept. 11 attacks, attempts to monitor terrorist financing but raises privacy concerns,” by Josh Meyer and Greg Miller, Times Staff Writers, 12:06 PM PDT, June 23, 2006
Once again, many law-abiding Americans want to know “where’s the beef.”
Just as with the program which monitors overseas phone calls to phone numbers suspected of belonging to terrorists, many Americans, according to several polls, simply do not have a problem with this.
What Americans do have a problem with is being subjected to acts of terrorism in which innocent Americans die. Or, to be more specific, Americans have a problem with our country not doing everything possible to avoid another national tragedy like 9/11.
To suggest that my rights are being violated is simply ludicrous. If some “Jack Bauer” type (of the hit TV show, “24”) wants to listen to my phone calls with my wife coordinating dinner, they are welcome to do it as long as the agent doing the monitoring takes their turn bringing home a pizza from Classico Pizza and they get the soft squeezable toilet paper.

Ms. Malkin called for Photoshoppers to submit photo-art visualizing disgust over the Times, once again, detailing a government national security secret for all the world, especially the very folks who wish to do us harm, to see.

I’ve pasted a few of my favorites above. Great talent.

For White House spokesperson, Tony Snow’s reaction, click on this: Tony Snow video.

The New York Times has also put a video on their web site in which reporter, Eric Lichtblau, talks about the story. The NYTimes introduces the video: Eric Lichtblau reveals a secret Bush administration program to access to financial records. (Producer: Adam B. Ellick).” See the video by clicking here.

For Andrew C. McCarthy’s reaction, writing for the National Review, click here for his column, “The Media’s War Against the War Continues.”

The New York Times behavior is incomprehensible and reprehensible.
Kevin Dayhoff writes from Westminster Maryland USA.
E-mail him at:

Sunday, June 25, 2006

20060624 KDDC As Confusion reigns over Upcoming Electric Rates

The Maryland Democratic Party adds to the confusion

with a misinformation campaign

June 23rd, 2006

By Kevin Dayhoff

As confusion reigns over the BGE electric rate increase, the Democratic Party posted an advertisement on their web-site, The Baltimore Sun, claiming to have a “calculator” that will calculate the difference in your electric bill by comparing the Maryland General Assembly rate relief plan and the plan worked out by Governor Ehrlich.

I can no longer find the ad on the Baltimore Sun web-site, but you can view it here.

Apparently, Jay Hancock, pictured above, the excellent business reporter for the Baltimore Sun, thinks that the “Democrat "calculator" is hokum:”

Democrats published a Web page that purportedly compares the electricity rate-relief plan passed last week by the General Assembly with that of Gov. Robert Ehrlich. Unless you are amused by terrible statistics, don't bother with the "calculator" showing what your BGE bill would be under different scenarios. It will give you zero useful information and, in fact, adds to the confusion over electricity that Democrats accuse Ehrlich of sowing. House Speaker Mike Busch, please take down this site that has been put up in your name. Your plan can be defended based on facts; you don't need this kind of junk.”

Read the rest here.

Be sure to read the last paragraph…

“Well, this isn't boiling. It's slicing and dicing and pureeing and turning beef into BS. If you want to see an intelligent comparison, read Brad Olson's story from last week. It shows that the Democrats' plan is slightly better from a financial standpoint, not grossly superior as portrayed on their Web site. There is enough confusion surrounding this issue already.”

For Governor Ehrlich’s reasons as to why he vetoed the legislation, go here or Click here!

Kevin Dayhoff writes from Westminster Maryland USA.

E-mail him at:


20060623 KDDC Truck Rodeo video on Carroll County Times We site

Truck Rodeo video on Carroll County Times web site

By Kevin Dayhoff

June 23, 2006

In a continuing drive to bring the Carroll County Times into the electronic news media era, the local paper founded on October 6, 1911, when photographs were hardly used in newspapers, is posting videos on their web site.

For a paper the size of the Carroll County Times, this is a big deal, although other Landmark newspapers, (the Carroll County Times is owned by Landmark Community Newspapers, a subsidiary of Landmark Communications) such as The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk, VA; The Roanoke (VA) Times and the News & Record in Greensboro, NC, have been making great use of video for some time.

It could be argued that considering the size of the paper and market, The Roanoke (VA) Times, may have one of the best web-sites of any community newspaper.

In the Maryland area, one local newspaper that has made a huge stake in the future of video on an otherwise, traditional local newspaper web site is, the web site of The News Journal, out of Wilmington, Del.

I’m told that the Truck rodeo video was shot and edited by assistant editor Jamie Kelly?

Although, the video is certainly not in the entertainment league with the Connie Chung video, nor does it appear that the Times will be giving You Tube a run for its money anytime soon, the advent of video on the web site is a welcome advance in getting out the local news.

Especially, for example, considering the possibility of showing a quote by a community leader in addition to printing the quote. So much of communication is non-verbal and lots of the translation can be lost in the print version.

The article explaining the Truck rodeo can be found here: Truck Road-eo competition gives plow drivers chance to strut their stuff. The image pasted above, is from the Carroll County Times video… I got a kick out of the part where the backhoe operator was demonstrating operator skills by placing the tire over the pole...

The video is here: Watch the video and here: Serious Snow Removal(Oh, go here instead.)

For an index of the videos offered on the web site, go here.

Some of the explanation of the video is pasted here:

Truck Road-eo competition gives plow drivers chance to strut their stuff
Watch the video (Oh, go here instead.)

“Driving around an obstacle course or maneuvering big rigs and backhoes in difficult conditions may seem like a fun way to spend a day, but for participants in the annual Paul A. Croasmun Memorial Truck Rod-eo, it can also be a learning experience.

“The event was held Thursday at Carroll Community College. Drivers competed in a variety of tasks designed to simulate things they might encounter while removing snow.

“The day started out with local competitions, followed by a K-9 demonstration conducted by the Carroll County Sheriff's Office, a sobriety driving simulation course, a backhoe competition and then a regional competition involving drivers from Frederick, Howard, Baltimore and Carroll counties competing for a regional trophy.”

Kevin Dayhoff writes from Westminster Maryland USA.

E-mail him at:


20060624 KDDC The Running Mate Decision

The Running Mate Decision

By Kevin Dayhoff

June 24th, 2006

I’m working on my next Tentacle column. This column will be on MD Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich’s Lt. Governor decision. Next week, it is expected that Governor Ehrlich will be announcing his anticipated candidacy for re-election.

Lost in the recent drama over the special Maryland General Assembly session over the BGE rate increase mitigation plan has been who the governor is going to pick as a running mate.

A couple of hints of who the governor may pick, here and here.

In preparation, I’ll be re-reading some of my notes and preparation materials for some of my previous columns in which I have written about the MD Lt. Gov. selection:

December 8, 2005

The Lieutenant Governor Decision

Kevin E. Dayhoff

Now that Lt. Gov. Michael Steele is off and running to be our next U.S. senator from Maryland, many are wondering just who would make a good choice for a running mate for Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich. Never mind that the election is almost a year away.

December 7, 2005

Why We Have a Lieutenant Governor

Kevin E. Dayhoff

How did Maryland ever survive without a lieutenant governor? In over 371 years, there has been a constitutional office for that job for only 38 years.

December 14, 2005

Politics in the Enchanted Forest

Kevin E. Dayhoff

The political silly season has already begun in Howard County, known as the former home of the "Enchanted Forest." In our neighboring county, politics have recently started to resemble the storybook theme park that prospered in Ellicott City from 1955 to 1988.

Kevin Dayhoff writes from Westminster Maryland USA.

E-mail him at:


Saturday, June 24, 2006

20060624 Governor's Veto Message on the BGE Bill SB1

Governor's Veto Message on the BGE Bill SB1
June 24, 2006

Hat Tip: The Tentacle

Friday, June 23, 2006

Governor's Veto Message on The BGE Bill
As a public service, The Tentacle is today making available a copy of the veto message Governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. sent to Senate President Thomas (Mike) Miller of the Maryland General Assembly. Click here!

Friday, June 23, 2006

20060623 KDDC Ag Center market marks 35th anniversary

If you are up early enough Saturday morning, June 24th, 2006 and you are looking for a good breakfast and some fresh fruits and vegetables, the place to be is the Carroll County Farmers' Market at the Carroll County Agriculture Center. Click here for directions.

I've pasted below some additional information from the Westminster Eagle News Briefs:

News Briefs

This Saturday, June 24, marks the 35th anniversary of the Carroll County Farmer's Summer Market at the Carroll County Agriculture Center.

The market at the Ag Center is one of three public farmers' markets and 13 privately owned farm markets in Carroll County, and is the oldest in the county and the second oldest in the state.

The market showcases local fruits and vegetables including cherries, peas, onions, lettuce, zucchini and beets, as well as perennials, annuals, herb and vegetable plants and hanging baskets.

Baked goods are also available, as well as candy, jam, jellies, gourmet dips and sauces, and fresh eggs. This week's 35th anniversary celebration will have free cake and punch as well as door prize drawings for gift baskets by "Jill's Jam and Jellies."

The Carroll County Health Department will be on hand for free blood pressure screenings, and Master Gardeners are available to answer gardening questions.

The hours for the Carroll County Farmer's Summer Market are 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. The market is open Saturdays through Sept. 2. The cafeteria is open during market hours for breakfast and lunch. Call 410-848-7748.

- Kevin Dayhoff

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of their respective owners.

20060623 KDDC Connie Chung and the last laugh

Connie Chung - Thanks For The Memories Sassy Cabaret Number

June 23, 2006

If you have not seen the video of Connie Chung doing a little cabaret number to commemorate the canceling of her MSNBS show, Weekends with Connie and Maury, then you do not know what you are missing. It has quickly become a cult-classic. You can see it here, on You Tube.

Remember when she was in Westminster to do a show on heroin?

For those who need a little perspective and background information, TV Guide has an explanation, which I have pasted below:

Connie's Last Laugh

Her MSNBC swan song's become a huge online hit

If you haven't seen Connie Chung's swan song on her MSNBC show Weekends with Connie and Maury, you're one of the few. Her parody of "Thanks for the Memory" — warbled off-key while she writhed on top of a piano in a slinky gown — has become the watercooler video clip of the moment. The segment racked up thousands of views on and was dissected on Today and the cable news channels. The Biz spoke with Chung, who left for a family vacation before she became a singing sensation, to discuss this surprise phenomenon. We can report that the veteran newswoman is having more than a few laughs over all the attention. Clearly doing the song was a joke. You've done stuff like this before. But did you realize it would get into the echo chamber like this and get played over and over again?
Connie Chung:
No. I obviously am not attuned to the new media. It's on a little cable program. I never imagined. If the critics don't watch out, it's going to spur me on. Spur you on to more singing?
Absolutely. Have there been any offers for a recording contract?
I'm waiting for a Broadway producer to call, and darn if that phone hasn't rung. Seriously, you'd be a viable choice for another job in TV news again. Do you think this would hurt your chances?
Not one whit. Why not?
Because today's television news is ridiculous. For the first time in my life I fit. Some people are saying you should have done this on the first show; maybe Weekends with Connie and Maury would still be on the air if you had.

I'm kicking myself for not singing on the first show. I threatened [husband and cohost Maury Povich] with singing on the first show, and he was so adamantly against it because it embarrasses him to no end — and that's what thrills me so much. How could he be embarrassed when he saw you in that dress?
Exactly, I rest my case. How does it feel to be the cause of this national laugh?
We all need a good laugh. If all of us took ourselves as seriously as most anchors do — the ones whose heads you can't fit into Madison Square Garden — it would be a sad, sad country. You've been traveling since the show aired. How's the public reaction been?
We were in Montana with our favorite family that goes on vacation with us. Yesterday we left the kids at home and the adults came to Las Vegas, and one of the dealers at the gambling table said, "I saw your song; it was great." He was carrying on and on about it. Everywhere I've gone, the cashiers — they've all seen it. 'Fraid so. But no regrets.
Oh, heavens no. I've been doing this for years. What did Maury say after he saw your performance?
Maury is sufficiently mortified, but he understands the whole gig. He can't stop me, anyway.


20060622 Maryland State House at night

Maryland State House in Annapolis at night
(c) Kevin Dayhoff
Picture date: June 20th, 2006

Thursday, June 22, 2006

20060622 KDDC Washington Post writer Barry Svrluga handles a heckler

Washington Post writer Barry Svrluga handles a heckler – well sorta…
June 22, 2005

If you get into blogging (or being a columnist) to soothe your demons of terminal insecurity or prop-up and appease your ego, you’re in the wrong business…

Meanwhile, I found this post funny. It exemplifies one aspect of this great experiment we call “democracy leveling” in a contemporary Jeffersonian participatory democracy - - when a Blogger “takes questions from the masses.”

I like the way that Washington Post sportswriter, Barry Svrluga, handled it…

Oh what the heck, I’ll just paste it below:

(Hat Tip:Metroblogging DC and Wonkette: “Even the sports writers at the Post aren’t safe from digital harassment. Metroblogging DC:”

It's that time of the week again, when the Post's Barry Svrluga (said sver-loo-ga) takes questions from the masses. These chats often make for some funny moments, and today's chat was no disappointment. Today's Highlight? Priceless...

Washington, D.C.: What a great time to be a Nationals fan! Zimmerman making a run at rookie of the year, Vidro rebounding nicely, Cordero, Patterson, some of the other young pitchers and a new park in a few years!

“But of course, the big question is whether to trade Soriano. I was wondering what people involved in baseball think. Any chance you will be bringing in someone who knows the game so we can ask their opinion?


Barry Svrluga: I am trying not to take this as an insult.

“Still trying. Not working.

“Nope, not going to work. Okay. Moving on.

“Nice, Barry.”

All good mothers warned us that there would be days like this…


20060622 KDDC A picture suggestion for Jamie Kelly

A picture suggestion for Jamie Kelly

June 22, 2006

A picture suggestion for Jamie Kelly’s weekly blog spot on the Carroll County Times.

Jamie Kelly, over at the Carroll County Times, knows what he is doing and has been working hard at bring the Carroll County Times into the electronic media age.

Jamie has been attempting to get a live blog thing going every Monday at 12 noon for an hour. Why not give it a try?

Meanwhile Jamie, lose the picture you have on the web-site. The Carroll County Times has some of the best photographers in the mid-Atlantic region, so what’s up with the ugly picture?

Attached above-right is an example of a better picture to put on your blog site.

Hey, just trying to be of some help.

Kevin Dayhoff writes from Westminster Maryland USA.

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20060622 KDDC The Democratic Plan for Iraq

David Lunde photoshop
Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin and here.
Jne 22, 2006


20060622 KDDC How Legislators voted on SB1 Electric Rate Restructuring

How Legislators voted on SB1 Electric Rate Restructuring

SB 1 Economic Matters Report No.2, The President,
"Public Service Commission - Electric Industry Restructuring"

Voting on ON THIRD READING (Rules Suspended) (Emerg) in the House. June 14th, 2006.

And in the Senate.


20060622 A picture suggestion for Jamie Kelly

A picture suggestion for Jamie Kelly

June 22, 2006

A picture suggestion for Jamie Kelly’s weekly blog spot on the Carroll County Times.

Jamie Kelly, over at the Carroll County Times, knows what he is doing and has been working hard at bring the Carroll County Times into the electronic media age.

Jamie has been attempting to get a live blog thing going every Monday at 12 noon for an hour. Why not give it a try?

Meanwhile Jamie, lose the picture you have on the web-site. The Carroll County Times has some of the best photographers in the mid-Atlantic region, so what’s up with the ugly picture?

Attached above-right is an example of a better picture to put on your blog site.

Hey, just trying to be of some help.

Kevin Dayhoff writes from Westminster Maryland USA.

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20060622 KDDC Gov Vetoes General Assemblys Electric Rate Hike Plan

Governor Ehrlich Vetoes General Assembly’s Electric Rate Hike Plan; Supports Consumer Choice Without Interest Charges

Thu 6/22/2006 3:31 PM

ANNAPOLIS – Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. today vetoed Senate Bill 1, the Maryland General Assembly’s electricity rate hike plan