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Thursday, January 03, 2002

20020102 Wster Mayor Wishes Club Well in 2002

Westminster Mayor Wishes Club Well in 2002

Westminster Road Runners Club

by Kevin Spradlin January 2nd, 2002

WESTMINSTER, Jan. 02 -- City of Westminster Mayor Kevin E. Dayhoff expressed his condolences for missing some of the recent Westminster Road Runners Club races, but promised he and his wife, Caroline, will be on the running scene soon.

"I guess one might say that I am taking a break from running that is not quite of my choosing," wrote a very busy Mayor on Tuesday in an email to the club. "It has just happened. I'm not necessarily happy about this turn of events -- but it is what it is and I'm going to make like a ball and roll with it."

Many remember the Mayor making an appearance last July at the Bell Road 5K/10K race. He was on hand to congratulate long-time club member Bob Leatherman for his participation in his 100th consecutive Twilight Series road race. Mayor Dayoff also volunteered at a water aid station at the Sullivan Road Four-Miler in August. Since then, however, the Mayor has rarely been seen.

"I've taken breaks from running and college before and managed to get back into the groove at a later time," said Mayor Dayhoff, who is close to earning his Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy Administration and Analysis from Western Maryland College. "I guess my attitude is that being the Mayor is something that has a four-year cycle and that this is no rehearsal - I must do it well now. I feel a lot of responsibility."

"My first love is running," he said. "Caroline and I always look forward to the WRRC events, even if we don't run in them and just help out in any way that we can contribute. I'm quite out of shape and to try and run a race these days would not be responsible. I'll run again and I will get my degree."

In the meantime, WRRC members and Westminster residents will just have to deal with the fact that their mayor is busy with various projects, including running-related issues.

"I'm working hard on such things as the Terry Burk Trail - which is happening," said Mayor Dayhoff, "and the Westminster [Main Street] Mile run and being the Mayor."

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